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Getting Started

so if you have installed aoi js you can aoi.panel with the command below

Terminal window
npm i @akarui/aoi.panel

Then add the code with the prefix (+)

const {Panel} = require("@akarui/aoi.panel")
const {AoiClient} = require("aoi.js");
const client = new AoiClient({
intents: ["MessageContent", "Guilds", "GuildMessages"],
events: ["onMessage", "onInteractionCreate"],
prefix: "Discord Bot Prefix",
token: "Discord Bot Token",
database: {
type: "aoi.db",
db: require("@akarui/aoi.db"),
dbType: "KeyValue",
tables: ["main"],
securityKey: "a-32-characters-long-string-here",
client.loadCommands("./commands/", true);
const panel = new Panel({
port: 3000,
client: client
auth: "Authentication-Key"//No spaces, keep it only alphanumeric.
username: ["username 1"],
password: ["Password 1"],

You can add users

username: ["username 1", "username 2", "username 3"],
password: ["Password 1", "Password 2", "Password 3"],

It’s good, the panel is installed!!!

the panel image